Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cake Balls

For my birthday party on October 30th (my actual birthday is the 27th) I made cake balls instead of cake. Merely because I don't really like normal cake (I like it's balls ;D ). Everyone has been bugging me about the recipe so here it is! Now you can enjoy cake balls in your home too! I will probably make them again soon so I will add pictures when I do.

Cake Balls


1 box cake mix (about 18 oz)
1 can of frosting (about 12 oz)
2 bags of melting chocolate (each bag is about 12oz. You can use as many colors as you please.)
Various baking decorations (gel icing, sprinkles, whatever floats your boat)

~Handy Dandy Instructions~

Step 1: This is a little extreme and hopefully you can handle it! You need to bake the cake just like the box says.

Step 2: Recover from step 1. Are you ok now? Ok let us proceed.

Step 3: Let the cake cool completely. I think it would probably work to bake the cake the night before you want to dine on balls (cake ones of course).

Step 4: Now that you have cool cake (get it?) we are going to make it a little crumbly. Place sections of the cake into a large bowl, 1/4 of the cake at a time. Using two forks break the cake up into fine crumbs. Repeat until the whole cake is a bowl of crumbs.

Step 5: Now you will want to add the frosting. Don't add the frosting into your mouth silly, add it to the bowl. I prefer to only use 3/4 of the can, my hubby likes the whole can. Its a matter of how squishy you like your balls (sorry can't help it). You want to mix the frosting in the cake until you can't see the frosting anymore.

Step 6: Now gently roll the mixture into balls. Make the balls about walnut size. A small ice cream/cookie scoop/tablespoon will work wonders. You will end up having to wash your hands every 6 or so balls. Place your balls onto a cookie sheet.

Step 7: This is very important, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! Pop your balls into the freezer, uncovered, for at least an hour. The balls need to be firm when coating them so you don't end up with chunks of crumbs in the chocolate.

Step 8: When the timer dings after your hour is up, pull your balls out of the freezer. Now hurry and do step 9.

Step 9: Prepare your melting method. Use a double boiler, glass bowl over a pot of boiling water, or my method. My method of melting: Put chocolate in bowl. Microwave for 15 seconds, stir, microwave for 15 seconds, stir. Repeat this until it is or almost is completely melted. If you have a few tiny chunks in the melted chocolate you should be able to stir them and they will melt. DO NOT burn your chocolate! Now set your chocolate aside.

Step 10: You have a few option here. A: get lollipop sticks and put them into the balls. Then dip the balls into the chocolate and lay the flat side back onto the cookie sheet. B: Gently drop/set the ball into the chocolate and using a fork or spoon roll in the chocolate. Then gently pick up and place back on cookie sheet. C: Gently drop/set ball into chocolate and use spoon to pour chocolate over it. Then use fork to gently pull out and place on cookie sheet. D: Get creative.
It will take a minute to figure out what works best for you.

Step 11: Decorate! If your using icing, wait until the chocolate hardens. If not, then put decorations on while still melty.

Now your balls might still be a little frozen, if they are thaw them then serve.

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy your balls!



    Dh cousin had these at her wedding at i was IN LOVE now i have to try... seems timely but worth it im sure

  2. Yep :) If you have questions while making them just text me.


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