Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Holy crazy storm!

6 A.M. Monday morning: Corona is completely freaking out (barking, growling, crying, and pacing), there's pounding on my window, flashing lights, and in my half-awake-what-the-hell-is-going-on state my first thought, is someone trying to get in my house? Joe and I both shoot out of bed so quick it looked rehearsed, I look at the window and see the worst storm I have ever seen in Utah. In case you all don't know, in Utah we're used to bad snow storms and that's about it, but dear god I am terrified by tornadoes! Joe looks out the window and says "Holy shit, is this a tornado?!" My heart was beating so hard. It was so loud outside, I was trying to comfort the dog and plug my ears at the same time (I am partly deaf so most really loud sounds hurt, same with high pitched sounds). It was snowing, hailing, and raining at the same time, along with the horrible winds, constant thunder, and lightning every 2 seconds. I was so completely scared! I try to turn on the news to see if there is a severe weather warning, the cable is out, so I try the weather app on my phone, it can't connect, so I jump online and the weather says "Partly cloudy". So after we decide its not a tornado I go upstairs to see the storm better, and my freaking car alarm is going off. So I run down stairs grab the keys and debate whether I stay up and keep turning it off or I just leave it unlocked, I decide to leave it unlocked. So I go back to bed, calm down, and lay there and attempt to sleep. Well leave it to Corona to decide she should go hunting for a fly, bouncing across the room, smacking walls, barking, and being as obnoxious as possible. So needless to say I didn't sleep much. So as I was lying in bed dodging the fly hunter I realize, out of all the times we have severe weather warnings and they turn out to be nothing, how the hell did we not get warned about the scene from the movie twisters headed our way? And to make everything better, because of the storm, every joint in my body is killing me (I have arthritis from all my medical procedures)!

So I am very happy that storm is gone, and it was not a tornado!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lovin' life!

I have recently realized that too many people are trying to shape their lives, make them they want them, and force things to happen but all they end up doing is screwing everything up. This world and almost every person living on it need to learn to let life flow. We build dams in life's flow, but every dam in life's flow comes down eventually and it makes more of a mess than its worth. In the middle of a very stressful drama filled week I sat down on my front porch and enjoy some beautiful scenery filled with rain, rainbows, and my garden. I took pictures of it all of course :D







I also had a fun night walking my dog with my hubby and his brother.



And I am so very thankful for my sister-in-law, mother-in-law, cousin-in-law, father-in-law, my mom, my pets, my hubby, and my fabulous friends!

My sister-in-law Brandy

Next post will include pictures of all my pets!

I will leave you all with a pictures of my dog Corona pouting (she could win the biggest pouty lip award)...



Friday, August 13, 2010

An update

So the past few days have been a complete roller coaster! My car has been a pain in the butt, it needs to be licensed but in order to pass emissions the check engine light needs to be turned off. So we went to find out what was wrong with it and the first person said the O2 sensor which would be about $200 to fix, the next person said our catalyst converter which we'd be looking at $500, the next person said catalyst converter too which would be $1300, then a family friend looked at it and said there has been a few recalls and to get those fixed before spending all this money. So we went and got the recalls taken care of which has made our light turn off for now, but there's still a chance it could turn back on. So I was pretty stressed, but then my family calls and my grandfather decided instead of donating his other car (he has a few) that he would give it to me. I seriously think I heard angels when I was told that. So I am very happy for my family and can't thank them enough because this is really helping us. In other news, I am starting to do dog training again which actually brings in good money which could really help us right now too.
So here's my things that cause me happiness:
-My family.
-My wonderful clients.
-Pink Papaya (my skin care business).
-The way my dog's feet smell when she sleeps.
-How my fiance wakes up in the night to tell me random things.
-My friends.
-When my dog and I play the game where I lay on a blanket and she drags me around the house.
-When I style hair.
-Learning french.
-Practicing my American Sign Language
-Days where I wake up and only have to brush my hair instead of styling it because it curled just perfect over night.
-When I get good mail that isn't bills.
-How quick of a learner my dog is.
-When Joe (my fiance) matches his outfits on his own.
-When everyone around me is happy.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A nice quiet day

Sorry I haven't posted, I had some asthma issues.

I've enjoyed Joe's company all weekend it was really nice. I got to spend some quality time with one of my best friends Marelin, i always have a great time with her. It's been really rainy here in Utah lately which causes it to be humid and I love humidity. My neighbors are very entertaining, as I drove down the road the other day they had about 20 people in their drive way doing a choreographed dance it was pretty funny. I am also really happy that I have made friends with my next door neighbors, and we all get along great. I am very proud to say with the help of my cousin-in-laws' Jason and Sean we got a runaway pit bull home, he was so incredibly sweet and friendly, I was very glad to see him go home to his family versus being picked up by the state. I amazed myself today and came up with the best Christmas present idea for Joe and my families, I am proud I came up with the idea (for those of you who know please keep it a secret, if you have questions, e-mail me. Also I will post pictures once the gifts are given). Well I am still not feeling too well, so that's all I am posting for today. I hope you enjoyed!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Music sets the stage

You may have noticed I added some music. I love uplifting music, I am one of those people who use music as a type of coping with life. I love just letting music fill my body and dancing like I have no care in the world. I highly recommend trying it, and who cares if you're good or wretched, just dance. I think now days we as humans are way to concerned about what others think of us. To me life is like photography, when someone wants to have a posed picture it usually takes quite a few tries to get "the shot", compared to when you be yourself, I usually get an amazing shot the first try and there is no one shot because every one I take is amazing. So remember don't try to be amazing it rarely works out, be yourself you are amazing.
Someone asked me the other day "Jaz, why do you love shoes so much?"
Shoes make me feel fabulous, I love the way my feet slide in ever so perfect, and they truly have taught me how to be confident. I used to be very unusre of my looks, I had no confidence, but every time I would slip on a pair of great shoes I felt as if life was my runway and I noticed everyone wanted me or to be me. One day I realized it's not the shoes that make me fabulous its my confidence. As soon as I realized that I started practicing being confident, and as always its a game of "fake it 'til you make it". Now I have the confidence to do anything. I want everyone to be confident and I think that's why i started photography to begin with, I want everyone to see what I see.

Now that I am done talking your ear off go find your version of shoes, whether it be a lipstick, a bra, a jersey, or those really hot jeans that are calling your name and let the world know YOU ARE FABULOUS!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A fun evening

-I love watching my hubby and dog play together, they're my life!
-Tonight I was in complete bliss as I relaxed on a blanket on the lawn watching the guys play basketball, while I of course took fabulous pictures.
-It was so entertaining to watch 5 guys try to figure out how to put a basketball hoop together.
-I love going on walks with my dog, today her little neighbor dog was out and played with her.
-Hubby cuddled with Corona and I got some of the best pictures!
-I have these zebra print, sparkly flats that I am completely, utterly in love with! (For those of you who don't know I'm a complete shoe junkie).
-I was completely surprised to see that after I posted tonight's pictures on Photobucket within 30 minutes I got over 130 views, its nice to know that there is people out there who really appreciate my photography.
-Corona likes to roll on certain spots/things (f.y.i.: if your dog does this they're marking stuff) and for two years I have tried to get a picture of this, every time I touched the camera she would stop but today I finally got the picture!
-I love my car, its so cute!
I totally enjoy watching my hubby (Joe), my brother-in-law (Jeremy), and my cousin-in-law (Jason), hanging out together they always make me laugh so hard!

Well here's tonight's pictures!


A sweet little surprise

-I love the way Joe cuddles me all night long, it makes me fall asleep smiling.
-When Corona (my dog) can go from playing to full on dead asleep in about 3 seconds, it always makes me laugh.
-It makes me happy knowing I may possibly have the only dog in the world who can use a laptop.
-I think it's so funny when Corona is mad so to cheer herself up she will go stare at herself in my full body mirror for awhile.
-One of my favorite things to look at is, after it rains when water droplets rest ever so perfectly on the soft and pretty grass (the only kind I am not allergic to).
-I love sunrises, they're the only reason I am converting my sleep schedule so I wake up early. Its so amazing to watch as the beautiful orangish-pink rays of sunshine cover the top of the mountains, and the world is so peaceful, quiet, and calm.
-The sky in general is so amazing to me. Ask anyone they'll tell you when I am stressed the best place to find me is outside starring at the sky.

More to come later!

My first post!

I made this blog, so I have a place where everyday I will make a list of 15+ things in life that cause me to be happy. I will also try to post pictures when I can. I personally think I forgot to enjoy life as I was too busy planning it to enjoy it. So my goal is to focus on living life in the moment and enjoying as much as I can of my life. I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment!

*EDIT (12/20/10): So obviously this blog took a turn. I am not really sure how to describe what I do here. Let's just say I give people a reason to rethink things...and be happy.*