Friday, August 6, 2010

Music sets the stage

You may have noticed I added some music. I love uplifting music, I am one of those people who use music as a type of coping with life. I love just letting music fill my body and dancing like I have no care in the world. I highly recommend trying it, and who cares if you're good or wretched, just dance. I think now days we as humans are way to concerned about what others think of us. To me life is like photography, when someone wants to have a posed picture it usually takes quite a few tries to get "the shot", compared to when you be yourself, I usually get an amazing shot the first try and there is no one shot because every one I take is amazing. So remember don't try to be amazing it rarely works out, be yourself you are amazing.
Someone asked me the other day "Jaz, why do you love shoes so much?"
Shoes make me feel fabulous, I love the way my feet slide in ever so perfect, and they truly have taught me how to be confident. I used to be very unusre of my looks, I had no confidence, but every time I would slip on a pair of great shoes I felt as if life was my runway and I noticed everyone wanted me or to be me. One day I realized it's not the shoes that make me fabulous its my confidence. As soon as I realized that I started practicing being confident, and as always its a game of "fake it 'til you make it". Now I have the confidence to do anything. I want everyone to be confident and I think that's why i started photography to begin with, I want everyone to see what I see.

Now that I am done talking your ear off go find your version of shoes, whether it be a lipstick, a bra, a jersey, or those really hot jeans that are calling your name and let the world know YOU ARE FABULOUS!

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