Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Define: Perfect. Definition: Cliff.

Do you want to know what I hate about the holidays? I hate that too many people get conceited and only care about what they are getting on Christmas morning. If it were up to me you wouldn't get gifts for yourself, you would give to those who really need them. I am a huge charity and donation advocate. I donate every time that I possibly can. I don't do it for the tax credit. I don't do it to brag. I do it because long ago someone did it for me when I needed it.

You may have noticed a new button that is at the top of my side column. I know you're thinking "What is that all about?". Well let me explain. As most of you know adoption is near and dear to my heart. I plan adopting kids when we get a little more situated. Well that adorable little boy pictured in my new button is Cliff. He is perfect! He's so perfect he earned an extra chromosome. Let me tell you a little story...

When most people find out they are pregnant, they're ecstatic! They start talking about names, nursery decor, family traditions, and anything else baby related. The one thing most will never think about is "What if our baby has a genetic disorder?". When it comes time for the 'amnio' test, the parents-to-be don't think twice about it. That is until the results come back. When the results come back and they find out their precious baby has Down Syndrome, they full on panic. The doctors usually tell them the baby has a heart condition (which some DS people have) but fail to mention the baby has DS. Even when the doctor tells them baby has DS, they usually give the parents 3 options.
The option usually are:
1: Abort baby.
2: Give baby up for adoption.
3: Learn to care for baby.
Because so many people are uneducated about DS they choose option 1 or option 2. This means that there are thousands and thousands of babies aborted or given to orphanages. Sadly, Cliff was one of these precious, extra special babies. His parents felt they couldn't care for him. He is an orphan.


Look at that precious little boy. I would love to adopt him. If things work out the way they're supposed to, we might be able to look into taking this adorable baby home with us. But that is besides the point. Reece's Rainbow is raising money for his adoption. This will help his forever family pay for the adoption fees and any other expenses. So please, I am begging you to click that button at the top on my side column and read more about this precious bundle of joy. Donate $20 (or more)! I mean what else are you going to do with that $20? Go buy something that you probably won't use? Go out to eat at a fast food joint, that'll go straight to your thighs? Do you know what Cliff will do with your $20? He will get a forever home. A family to love him, kiss his boo-boo's, make him feel better when he is sick, raise him to be an amazing man. So think about it where is your $20 going to stretch the farthest, and mean the most? In your thighs? Or when Cliff gets to go home from school and show his family the awesome picture he drew? Who is going to appreciate that $20 more? Chances are in 20 years you won't even remember the pointless way you spent that $20. In 20 years Cliff will remember how he spent that $20, he got to have a bedroom that is his bedroom to sleep in every night, and a family that is his family, to love everyday. So you tell me where your $20 should go...

P.S. If you donate you will be in my heart forever. :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

And then I spit soda across the room...

How was your Thanksgiving, lovelies? I hope it was exceptional, excellent, gratifying, marvelous, satisfying, stupendous, wonderful, valuable, and everything in between. Mine was fabulous. We first went to go see my grandpa, he was doing a lot better than I expected (considering it was his first holiday without Mama). I got some jewelry that was Mama's. I look forward to passing it down to the next generation. Pictures to come once I charge my camera. Then we enjoyed the rest of the football, food, love, and happiness filled evening with my in-laws. Once almost everyone had left, Hubby, Jeremy (my brother-in-law), Jason (my cousin-in-law), and I went and played board games. We started with Last Word which was really fun. Followed by Imaginiff... which was entertaining. Ending with a hilarious game of Dirty Minds. We were all laughing so hard through out the board game time. At one point I attepmted to take a drink and right before I swallowed, Jason said something really funny and then I spit soda across the room. It only made everyone laugh harder. It was a great night!

One of the reasons I love blogging so much is because time goes by so fast as you get older. It hit me the other day that hubby and my fifth year anniversary is coming up in about a month! It seems like just yesterday we were in the awkward-getting-to-know-you-dating phase. I am learning to cherish these moments, I will never get them back. I am going to make memories and remeber them every chance I get. Before you know it we'll have babies, then time will fly by faster and soon they'll be gradutating school, getting married, and making us grandparents. Its crazy to think about and I never want to forget anything. I don't want to be one of those old people who can't remember that really awesome night where they shot soda across the room, played hide & seek in the dark, and more.

Thank you for reading!

Monday, November 22, 2010

"Hello good luck. Goin' my way?"

I think after 2 years (that's when our bad luck streak started) we are finally having some luck come our way! I feel sooo much relief! We aren't completely out of the woods, but we finally got a map with directions to the woods' exit. I am hoping by spring everything will be back to the way it used to be!

Happy Holidays everyone! And for my lovelies living here in the U.S. Happy Thanksgiving! I want you all to not spend so much time thinking about what is bad in your life, and focus on what you are thankful for. If you want to be really cool post your list of things you are grateful for in your blog (you can post the link in my comments) or just put your list in the comment section below.

I am thankful for...
-My hubby. He is amazing, he couldn't be anymore perfect.
-My pets. They are always so relaxing and stress reducing.
-My family and Hubby's family. Even though there is some rough patches, I love them and appreciate them.
-Hubby's job.
-My mother and father in-law. They have helped us more than they'll ever know and I hope to one day return the favor.
-My friends. I love them dearly. They are an amazing support system.
-Generous people. I am so extremely greatful for the people and animals who help others.

I am so greatful for you, my readers! Thanks!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


My head is spinning. My thoughts are going so fast. I feel stuck, I don't know what to do or say anymore. I feel like I am a kid again going on a road trip. I look out the window as we drive down the freeway and watch the poles fly by. I used to make a game of trying to read the signs before we passed them. That's how I feel now but the signs going by too fast to read are my thoughts. It is equivilent to trying to catch a fly in mid-air, every now and then you will actullay catch it, only for it to slip out a tiny crack in your hands.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cake Balls

For my birthday party on October 30th (my actual birthday is the 27th) I made cake balls instead of cake. Merely because I don't really like normal cake (I like it's balls ;D ). Everyone has been bugging me about the recipe so here it is! Now you can enjoy cake balls in your home too! I will probably make them again soon so I will add pictures when I do.

Cake Balls


1 box cake mix (about 18 oz)
1 can of frosting (about 12 oz)
2 bags of melting chocolate (each bag is about 12oz. You can use as many colors as you please.)
Various baking decorations (gel icing, sprinkles, whatever floats your boat)

~Handy Dandy Instructions~

Step 1: This is a little extreme and hopefully you can handle it! You need to bake the cake just like the box says.

Step 2: Recover from step 1. Are you ok now? Ok let us proceed.

Step 3: Let the cake cool completely. I think it would probably work to bake the cake the night before you want to dine on balls (cake ones of course).

Step 4: Now that you have cool cake (get it?) we are going to make it a little crumbly. Place sections of the cake into a large bowl, 1/4 of the cake at a time. Using two forks break the cake up into fine crumbs. Repeat until the whole cake is a bowl of crumbs.

Step 5: Now you will want to add the frosting. Don't add the frosting into your mouth silly, add it to the bowl. I prefer to only use 3/4 of the can, my hubby likes the whole can. Its a matter of how squishy you like your balls (sorry can't help it). You want to mix the frosting in the cake until you can't see the frosting anymore.

Step 6: Now gently roll the mixture into balls. Make the balls about walnut size. A small ice cream/cookie scoop/tablespoon will work wonders. You will end up having to wash your hands every 6 or so balls. Place your balls onto a cookie sheet.

Step 7: This is very important, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! Pop your balls into the freezer, uncovered, for at least an hour. The balls need to be firm when coating them so you don't end up with chunks of crumbs in the chocolate.

Step 8: When the timer dings after your hour is up, pull your balls out of the freezer. Now hurry and do step 9.

Step 9: Prepare your melting method. Use a double boiler, glass bowl over a pot of boiling water, or my method. My method of melting: Put chocolate in bowl. Microwave for 15 seconds, stir, microwave for 15 seconds, stir. Repeat this until it is or almost is completely melted. If you have a few tiny chunks in the melted chocolate you should be able to stir them and they will melt. DO NOT burn your chocolate! Now set your chocolate aside.

Step 10: You have a few option here. A: get lollipop sticks and put them into the balls. Then dip the balls into the chocolate and lay the flat side back onto the cookie sheet. B: Gently drop/set the ball into the chocolate and using a fork or spoon roll in the chocolate. Then gently pick up and place back on cookie sheet. C: Gently drop/set ball into chocolate and use spoon to pour chocolate over it. Then use fork to gently pull out and place on cookie sheet. D: Get creative.
It will take a minute to figure out what works best for you.

Step 11: Decorate! If your using icing, wait until the chocolate hardens. If not, then put decorations on while still melty.

Now your balls might still be a little frozen, if they are thaw them then serve.

Thanks for reading!

Enjoy your balls!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holy Psychic!

So I had to tell you lovelies about this (p.s. woot! woot! 7 followers! Thanks everyone!)....

So I was recommend to this group of psychics to maybe help me out with some personal problems/issues I am having. I posted basic info: name, picture, etc. One lady completely amazed me! She had me crying, freaked Joe out and just wow, this lady makes me believe in psychics. She told me she sees two angels around me and described Mama (my grandma) and my uncle Ken. There is no way she could have known about them. She even described the blanket that we buried Mama with because she wanted to take it to heaven. She said some more personal things that just had me completely amazed. It is good to know that Mama and Ken are watching over me. If you want the link to this group feel free to email me at Makinggooddogs@yahoo.com

Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Chatter

So what's new with me? Well, I am happier now, I know Mama is in a better place. I cleaned my bedroom (OK I am almost done) and completely cleaned my basement. Tomorrow I am thinking...re-design my bedroom. I will move the furniture to different spots and maybe plan out some cheap design aspect for when we can afford it. I am hoping my family likes what I do and I can be in charge of doing other people's living spaces. I am way creative when it comes to decor and my creativity is begging to come out and play. I think my first project will be making an ugly armoire (we got it free from Joe's cousin) cute. Maybe paint, new handles, and some curtains for it will make it fit in. After that I will make some curtains for my bookcase (mostly to keep my dog out of it, and to make it feel part of the room). Then I am going to find some new nightstands, aquarium (with stand), curtains for the window, and last but not least making a kick ass head board for my bed. I will post pictures of before, in the process, and after. Well my lovelies I am going to go enjoy my odd hobby of scrubbing grout. I will talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Live. Laugh. Love. Cry.

I scrubbed my grout today. Not only because I am insanely OCD, and it was dirty, but because I wanted to stop my mind from thinking. My thoughts are going a million miles an hour. My brain feels like the post office in North Pole, Alaska on Christmas, more thoughts and feelings are coming in then I can sort through. This time last year I was working my ass off, enjoying my family, coping with the loss of my uncle Ken, and genuinely loving life. Around this time last year I was sitting with my grandparents, my mom, my mom's husband, my aunt, and my hubby. Today I did the same thing, but this time was different. This time my whole family was gathered, wearing their best black attire, and my grandmother known as "Mama" was lying in a casket. She laid there looking so peaceful with her blanket, pictures of loved ones, roses, and a kitty cat Ty Beanie Baby. Everyone one was living, breathing, knowing this was the last time we would see Mama, laughing at different stories of Mama, loving each other with everything we have, and crying. Crying because Mama was no longer with us, crying because we were happy Mama was no longer suffering, crying because life is precious, and some of us were just crying. Mama passed away after months of suffering on Saturday, October 30th 2010. It is just like Mama to pass on Halloween weekend, she always told me she would go out with a "bang" and surprise everyone. She did just that. So as a family we will get closer, we will love harder, just for Mama. In my life I have at least one person pass away every year, it never fails. I don't know why it happens, what I do know is, it makes me live stronger, laugh often, love harder, and cry when I need to and not bottle it in. Everyone learns life's lessons differently, and I will continue to learn mine which ever way I need to. It does hurt so badly to keep losing people I love, but with the love and pain I can continue to grow and help the world and people around me with my knowledge and experience. So my lovely readers, go hug someone, tell them you love them and learn that love is stronger than we know and life is shorter than we care to admit.