Thursday, May 26, 2011

The flu in May?!

Yep, you read it right lovelies. Me and my "special" immune system caught the May. I thought I lucked out because the most I got in the winter was a cold, but apparently it was just waiting to hit me with it's best shot. So during a fabulous puking my guts up episode I apparently thought it would be a good idea to tear up my throat pretty fabulously, btw it's pretty f'ing painful. Now I am sitting here debating whether to drink a cup of hot cocoa for the 1,000th time today, to try taking a few teaspoons of honey, or to eat yet another throat drop things. I originally thought of just banging my head off this stool next to me but decided that probably wouldn't be very productive let alone soothing. Add the 2 1/2 days of work I missed to the shitty feeling I have right now and it equals me not being very happy with my immune system. Never mind the 5 hour, morphine filled emergency room trip I got to enjoy on Monday.

Anyways, I applied for a writing job that I am kinda excited about. It doesn't pay too much, but it will slowly fill my savings account back up. So it would be beyond splendid if I got that. Also we are getting super close to our wedding day and I am getting uber excited for it. I was beginning to think we would never get married. Not sure what we will do after marriage, besides get a new place. We are thinking about starting the adoption classes so when we are ready to (mentally and financially) we can adopt. That will be fun, especially since I am super strange and love filling out paperwork and with the adoption process you get tons and tons of papers to fill out. So yeah, that where everything is right now and I am going to go get my car wreck of a throat some relief. Talk to you lovelies soon!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby, I am coming home!

And you thought I would never come back. I could never leave my lovelies! Don't ever think I am going to abandon you again, OK? Pinkie promise. OK so my fabulous readers time for me to update. Everyone ready? Drum roll please (this is the part where you make a drum roll before reading, btw)....

Well I am loving my life right now. I seriously am happy. I told you all 2011 was going to be amazing, and so far it is pretty f'ing spectacular! So as we all know I got a job, the hubs has started a new *old* job (he's back at Pizza Hut for the 5th time) and we finally got another car. I also finally found out that I am anemic and lacking the good old vitamin D. I feel amazing now that I am taking vitamins. I couldn't be happier that winter finally pissed off. Oh wait I forgot to tell you all the most exciting part, the hubs and I are finally getting legally married! After five and a half years together. We are getting married July 9th. Then we will be moving later this year and the hubs plans on going back to school. Also you guys are going to be super proud of me, I know I am. So there was like high school girl drama going on (I have no idea why there is drama involving me at work when I have only been there for a month *rolls eyes*) but instead of freaking out on these two girls, I kept my cool after realizing that freaking out on them is just stooping as low as them. So I calmly called one of the girls and talked things out (OK so I was brutally honest, but I don't think I was being a bitch). I have really been working hard on thinking before speaking and it's been helping sooo much.

Well lovelies, I am going to let you all absorb that while I keep working on updating the blog design.

P.S. Isn't the song playing the cutest song ever?!