Sunday, August 8, 2010

A nice quiet day

Sorry I haven't posted, I had some asthma issues.

I've enjoyed Joe's company all weekend it was really nice. I got to spend some quality time with one of my best friends Marelin, i always have a great time with her. It's been really rainy here in Utah lately which causes it to be humid and I love humidity. My neighbors are very entertaining, as I drove down the road the other day they had about 20 people in their drive way doing a choreographed dance it was pretty funny. I am also really happy that I have made friends with my next door neighbors, and we all get along great. I am very proud to say with the help of my cousin-in-laws' Jason and Sean we got a runaway pit bull home, he was so incredibly sweet and friendly, I was very glad to see him go home to his family versus being picked up by the state. I amazed myself today and came up with the best Christmas present idea for Joe and my families, I am proud I came up with the idea (for those of you who know please keep it a secret, if you have questions, e-mail me. Also I will post pictures once the gifts are given). Well I am still not feeling too well, so that's all I am posting for today. I hope you enjoyed!

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