Friday, August 13, 2010

An update

So the past few days have been a complete roller coaster! My car has been a pain in the butt, it needs to be licensed but in order to pass emissions the check engine light needs to be turned off. So we went to find out what was wrong with it and the first person said the O2 sensor which would be about $200 to fix, the next person said our catalyst converter which we'd be looking at $500, the next person said catalyst converter too which would be $1300, then a family friend looked at it and said there has been a few recalls and to get those fixed before spending all this money. So we went and got the recalls taken care of which has made our light turn off for now, but there's still a chance it could turn back on. So I was pretty stressed, but then my family calls and my grandfather decided instead of donating his other car (he has a few) that he would give it to me. I seriously think I heard angels when I was told that. So I am very happy for my family and can't thank them enough because this is really helping us. In other news, I am starting to do dog training again which actually brings in good money which could really help us right now too.
So here's my things that cause me happiness:
-My family.
-My wonderful clients.
-Pink Papaya (my skin care business).
-The way my dog's feet smell when she sleeps.
-How my fiance wakes up in the night to tell me random things.
-My friends.
-When my dog and I play the game where I lay on a blanket and she drags me around the house.
-When I style hair.
-Learning french.
-Practicing my American Sign Language
-Days where I wake up and only have to brush my hair instead of styling it because it curled just perfect over night.
-When I get good mail that isn't bills.
-How quick of a learner my dog is.
-When Joe (my fiance) matches his outfits on his own.
-When everyone around me is happy.

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