Thursday, August 5, 2010

A sweet little surprise

-I love the way Joe cuddles me all night long, it makes me fall asleep smiling.
-When Corona (my dog) can go from playing to full on dead asleep in about 3 seconds, it always makes me laugh.
-It makes me happy knowing I may possibly have the only dog in the world who can use a laptop.
-I think it's so funny when Corona is mad so to cheer herself up she will go stare at herself in my full body mirror for awhile.
-One of my favorite things to look at is, after it rains when water droplets rest ever so perfectly on the soft and pretty grass (the only kind I am not allergic to).
-I love sunrises, they're the only reason I am converting my sleep schedule so I wake up early. Its so amazing to watch as the beautiful orangish-pink rays of sunshine cover the top of the mountains, and the world is so peaceful, quiet, and calm.
-The sky in general is so amazing to me. Ask anyone they'll tell you when I am stressed the best place to find me is outside starring at the sky.

More to come later!

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