Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Interview

So I have been in the market for a part time job or two or three. Well the thing about working in the pet industry is that companies outside of the pet industry don't understand that being a dog trainer is actually a really good skill because of the things you learn from it. Anyways, I have sent my resume to all sorts of places for months now and kept getting that I was over qualified or under qualified. Well, today I got a call back, because I didn't know the number and I have had prior problems with stalkers I let the call go to voicemail. I check the message and realized someone in the pet industry has finally given me a call back. From over the phone this guy sounded like we would have a total clash of personalities, but I decided screw it, let's do the interview. So I go to the interview and I learned 4 thing today: 1. Interviews are easier when there is a kitten purring in your lap. 2. Interviews are easier when you discover the person interviewing you is your age and looks like someone that would be in your group of friends. 3. Interviews are easier when you have confidence and know that you will rock the interview without a doubt. 4. Interviews are easier when for once your hair and makeup did what you wanted and you look really good (oh, and a push up bra never hurts either). I really feel good about the interview seeing as he liked a lot of what i brought to the table (work experience, knowing multiple languages, and my knowledge of almost every animal). Needless to say I am pretty confident I will get a final call back, now I am just hoping I get a call back from this other place I want to work and life will be super!

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  1. That's great Jaz! Sounds like the interview went perfect! Hope you get the job!


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