Thursday, January 6, 2011

Twigs & Trees

The funny thing about life is that we always seem to be trying to change who we are. Change our identity, become someone else. Why though? Why not grow into a better version of you? I want to share with you all something that I wrote years ago...

"My heroes are trees. They're insanely inspiring. They make me question who I am or what I am doing. You see, trees are a lot like us, they start out little and grow to be big and amazing. We all start out this tiny twig, we get battered by our surroundings, pissed on, dug up and moved, and we just aren't that strong. As twigs poking out of the ground we look at the big strong oaks and birches around us and wonder what it must be like to be so majestic. Some of us can't handle the journey, we give up our fight and slowly die. Slowly but surely we start to earn our inner rings, that tell the world "Hey, I've stayed strong through all the piss, and storms!" and there is no denying that. Some of us get planted in fabulous gardens that are sheltered, where we get fed, and don't have to worry about much. Others are planted in not so welcoming places and have to fight every single day just to survive. No matter where we get planted we all have the same goal, to grow strong and earn our rings. After a long journey, we become these strong amazing trees. When we become these beautiful trees, the piss and storms don't effect us much. And every year we continue to lose our leaves and grow just a bit stronger than the last. Each tree is different, and yet beautiful in it's own way."

For the longest time I wanted to change who I was or what I was born into, but now I embrace who I am, and where I am. I inspire to do a lot, and most people don't think I will ever finish half the things I set out to do, because I am still a very small tree, but I will grow and earn my rings that tell you I finished and became exactly what I wanted to...a big, beautiful, and strong tree.

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