Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have hit a new phase in my life. Maybe I hit it awhile ago and have been trying to run from it, but now I am embracing it with open arms. I have this prominent urge to become a housewife. You know the kind that wears a frilly apron, and has a baby on the hip while cooking a miraculous dinner?

*courtesy of google images*

I think it's my subconscious' way of telling me "Jaz, it's time to put on your big girl pants." I am ready for a house full of kids, pets, friends, family gatherings, hubby's parties, and more. I have reached that stage in my life where I look forward to spending my day cleaning a house, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and taking care of pets/kids/hubby. I don't know if it is normal to just wake up one day and feel the need to change this much but it happened. If everything works out, we will be growing up. You know the kind of growing up where you have a mortgage, kids, careers, a car filled with random crap the family has left behind, and more. I want that, and I want it soon. So hopefully we can have our "real" wedding like everyone has been requesting, then get a house, start the adoption process, and whatever else comes our way. I don't know when all this will happen, but I know it's coming. I mean hell we have been together for over 5 years, it is about time we get our shit together and be normal. :D

But I promise my blog won't change, t won't become a wedding blog, housewife blog, mommy blog, or anything else. It will always stay the same, this happy little place I call my blog.


  1. Me too. I never thought I would be the housewife type of girl, in fact I never wanted kids or marriage, but I seriously couldn't be happier!


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