Monday, October 11, 2010

I triple dog dare you!

A very simple, yet very meaningful quote my uncle once said to me is....
“How do you know?”

Right now you're thinking “What the hell? Why is that so meaningful?”
Well it starts out like this, I found out I was moving from St. George, Utah where I lived with my uncle back to Salt Lake City with my mom. I remember when my uncle told me I told him “That's stupid and it sucks!” He very calmly asked me “How do you know?” back then I was thinking what you were thinking and very possibly are still thinking....”What the hell?”
Now I sit here with a million things running through my mind like Corona when she's had too much sugar...remind me to never give her whip cream again. I started thinking about how right now I would have been living in a beautiful house with my pets and Joe in Las Vegas. I made some choices that made that plan extinct. I thought today “I am still in this damn state, nothings changed, and I royally messed things up. This sucks!” My uncle's infamous question popped into my head, so I asked myself “How do I know?” I got to thinking about it, how do I know that we wouldn't have moved to Las vegas and been even more royally screwed than we are now? I think about how if we had moved down there I wouldn't have had become friends with the two most amazing friends I could ever ask for, I can't imagine my life without my two best friends Marelin and Nate. I love them, I know they will be in my life forever. So now going back to me, asking myself “How do I know?” Well I guess I don't, I don't even slightly know. I have realized that I love my insane, constantly difficult, catch 22, humorous, family and friend filled life. Yes at times it does drive me crazy that most my friend's have their own house, are married, have kids, have a more than stable financial situation, and more. But what they don't have is the amazing life I have, I get to laugh every day because my family and friends are hilarious even when they aren't trying. I get to awake up in the middle of the night to laugh when Corona got bored and stole our blanket and Joe is confused on how the blanket just went missing, while Corona is doing the cutest dog laugh in the world. I get to laugh when Corona drops her bone in the toilet and makes Joe spend 15 minutes trying to get it out. I get the joy of going to the store and while sitting in the line I decide to grab Corona a sucker, only to later look at my receipt and realize it says I bought “Leslie's ass”. I am happy, some times I may not show it but deep down I am always smiling. There's a lot of people around me (and everyone else in this world) who start drama for their personal enjoyment. When someone says something hurtful to me I no longer feel bad for me, I hurt for them, because to me it is heart wrenching that in order for them to feel happiness they have to hurt others. They are too blind to see that this world we live in is full of happiness and beauty. I hope that one day they can feel the happiness I do, no matter what they did to me. If everyone felt happiness we couldn't be mean.

Every day I sit out on my front porch with Corona, and every day the little neighbor girl Charly, who is around 4 years old, opens her garage, plays the radio nice and loud and demands I watch her dance. After she dances for awhile she comes over and asks if she can pet Shadow, and every day I have to explain that Shadow went to heaven, and this is Ona. Now I just let her believe that Corona is Shadow, maybe when she is a little older she will understand better, but for now if petting “Shadow” is what makes her happy who am I to ruin that? Anyways, everyday when she puts on her little dance show I wonder what happens when we become adults? Why don't we just randomly break out in dance because we are happy, and we really love this song? When we become adults we become up tight-constantly stressing-worrying about something machines. So lets do this old school style......
I triple dog dare you to just dance, no matter the reason, even if you are as cool of a dancer as Joe, or as awesome as my sister-in-law Brandy, just dance. And even "Bleed out rainbows" (Charly's brother Bridger's rule) if you want. I triple dog dare as Charly says “That means you HAVE to!”


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