Thursday, September 16, 2010

The tiny bug

I was having a bad day, so I decided to take a shower to help me relax. As I was sitting on the shower floor letting hot water splash off me, I looked to my left to see a tiny little bug. The bug was the size of the tip of a needle, and a charcoal grey. I wondered where he came from, how he got in the shower, what he was looking for, and what he was. He was walking towards the corner where the tile on the wall meets the tub. There's a little hole in the caulk (most likely caused by an air bubble) which was probably a safe place, out of the water for him to be. All of the sudden he turned and headed towards the first small edge/drop-off (where the over flow drain is located) that leads to the main drop-off. There I am hoping this little bug turns around to head towards safety. He's so tiny there's no way for me to save him without squishing him. So I block the water from hitting him, and for a few seconds he sits there as if he was trying to figure out what to do. My heart is pounding, I really don't want him to die. He starts walking through water droplets, which I thought for sure he'd drown in. Then he stops again. At this point I only can hope he makes the right choice so he doesn't die. Out of no where he leaps off the the ledge and is now in serious danger. He is now is the corner in the tub trying to climb back up but can't. This kills me, I so badly wish there was a way I could help him to safety, but I know I would squish him. I think about whether or not to squish him to just take him out of his misery so he won't suffer while drowning, but then I remember my uncle Ken. Ken was the closest thing I will ever have to a dad, he had Lou Gehrigs, and he was suffering incredibly but he never wanted to die. He wanted to spend all the time he could reflecting on life, spending time with loved ones and doing what he did best, changing people's lives for the better. I just couldn't squish the bug. He eventually gave up and the water washed him down the drain. As crazy as this sounds this bug taught me a lot in a very short amount of time. He taught me: One wrong move can drastically change you're situation, we put ourselves into the situations we're in and we shouldn't blame anyone or anything else, some times you have to sit back and let nature do it's thing no matter how bad it hurts, and last but not least love with all your heart and enjoy life because you have no idea when it will end. R.I.P. Tiny Bug and Ken.

Also I would like to let everyone know, I am going to start changing my blog design often so make sure you check it out often.

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