Friday, September 17, 2010

And all I hear is crickets....

I love nights like this, it's a great temperature. I am sitting in one of my favorite front porch, sitting with my fab in-laws, and fiance. Its a beautiful clear sky, I can see all the stars shining brightly back at me. I can just hear crickets chirping until their little hearts are content. What did I do to deserve nights like this? What ever it was I want to do it again. In the midst of life's worries, stresses, and disappointments, there are nights like these to make up for it. This night reassures me that fall will come, the leaves will turn to a beautiful array of colors, the crisp smell of fall, beautiful orange pumpkins that will turn into great decor and even better food. All this begs me to come outside and remember this is what life is about. The bills can sit in envelopes, being completely ignored for just a little longer. This is life's way of saying "Jaz, get your ass out of the house, and enjoy life because its worth enjoying!"

Family and friends can straight up piss you off, they will hurt you, love you, make you cry, make you laugh, but no matter what they will be there. I am a high believer in "Family is who you make it". I know not everyone gets to have biological family around them for various reasons, but its up to you to create your family. You are in charge of how you're life will play out. Sick of all the drama? Get rid of it, I know there's no way to get rid of all drama, but you can get rid of most of it.
I can testify that my family, which is made up of various people, will completely piss me off at some point or another. Nights like this remind me to do whatever it takes to fix it, and keep life moving, happy, and enjoyable.

Quit dwelling on all the bad stuff that happened in your life. It's done it's over with. At this point you are just stuck in a revolving door. The funny thing about revolving doors are they tempt you to go in them, YOU enter them, YOU have to keep them moving, when YOU stop the door will too. So quit pushing on the door and hoping something else will be on the other side when you go around again, just get out and experience what the place that door leads to is all about.

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