Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Girl Panties

I've had the rug pulled out from under me a lot the past 2 weeks and I've fallen pretty hard from it. I've come to realize I just need to put my big girl panties on and deal with it. I know where I am going and what I want and I'm going to everything in my damn power to make it happen, and not one single person is going to stop me. I know I am strong and I will keep going. I seriously had a few moments in the last while where I had to let myself cry, scream, bitch, yell, and all that other fun stuff, then I had to get up, brush myself off, realize where my priorities/goals are and get back on the path to achieving them. It's been hard and I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like giving up. I've lost way too much in life to just let a few surprises break me.

So I had a situation a few weeks ago that totally caught me off guard. I've heard of other people having this happen but it never had happened to me the way it just had. Someone said something to me that was so excruciatingly painful. They didn't mean it in a bad way but it was one of those comments that was so extremely ignorant. I seriously thought to myself "Next time I'd rather you just stab me with a chef's knife. That would be A LOT more comfortable!". But unfortunately it was one of those situations where I just had to keep a smile on face and let out a stupid giggle like I thought it was funny. This situation kinda brought up feelings that I had buried deep inside of myself. I realized it was an area of my life that I had to give a time-out to because I genuinely couldn't deal with it. Still to this day I'm not sure if I'm ready to revive these feelings and the situation but I'm at least willing to put some thoughts into it.

Well lovelies, thanks so much for reading! I hope you all had a great Halloween!" target="_blank">" style="border: 0 !important; background: transparent;"/>

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